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Make translation more digital

Thanks to new technologies, we offer our clients: high quality, transparency, simplicity and rapidity!

High quality

Our clients’ benefit from high quality because our artificial intelligence learns their writing style to always offer the best quality.


Thanks to an innovative project management tool, you are informed in real time of the progress of your project and can communicate with the project manager at any time.


Our clients appreciate the simplicity of our services. It consists of only two steps: sending the document to be translated; downloading the translated content. They relax, we translate.


Technology today makes it possible to translate faster than light. Depending on the content (technical or not), we can translate up to 1,000 words / hour.

Our prices


Basic translation*

Proofreading** (+ 0,02 € per word)

Quick translation (+ 0,02 € per word)

from 0,05 € per word

Perfect for simple and short document with everyday vocabulary :

– internal document, email

– product descriptions, keywords, job posting


Premium translation*

Proofreading included**

Quick translation (+ 0,02 € per word)

from 0,09 € per word

Ideal for general and technical document with complex vocabulary :

 – website, ecommerce, app

– business terms, privacy policy, imprint

– press release, blog post


Premium translation*

Proofreading included**

Quick translation included

Support by dedicated consultant

from 70 000 words / year

Suitable for specific need, complex project, high volume document.

We support you from A to Z in the realization of your project.

We offer you the adapted translation solution to your specific need.

*by native professional translators

**by native professional proofreaders

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