We speak your language.

Your website is your flagship. Its main purpose
is to attract new customers and introduce your
brand to them. And, preferably, in multiple markets.
Which is why your offering should be communicated
in multiple languages. Not only on the website, but
also in other advertising material.

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And those of your customers, too!

No matter how simple or complex your products or services are, they need to be explained in language your customers understand. And that’s always their mother tongue.

You don’t have to speak good French or English. Just leave the localisation to us – the translation professionals. Because we speak your language just as well as the one your customers speak.

To ensure it remains within a manageable budget for you, we work with the latest technologies. But only up to a point. After all, no technology in the world can replace the personal touch. Common expressions, complex technical terms or successful puns call for the native language translators who make up our team.

Ask us about it. We’ll explain to you, personally, what we at Tasama do differently from other translation agencies and exactly what that means for you.

Just 3 steps to your translation:

Step 1

Upload the document you want to translate in the “Request Quotation” or “Contact Us” section.

Step 2

Select the desired parameters (languages, type of service, proofreading), delivery date).

Step 3

Request a quote or pay immediately (invoice, credit card, Paypal).

Translations supported by the latest technology.

The most important thing for us is that you feel you are in good hands – from the first contact to the finished translation. That’s why, in our agency, we combine the know-how of our native-speaker specialist translators with the opportunities offered by the latest technology. Here’s what it means for you:

High quality

Our native-speaking translators are at home in two worlds. For you, that means that they are familiar with common phrases or specialist terminology in the respective language. As a result, your text doesn’t sound translated, but as if it was originally written in the respective language.

Transparent project processes

In our translation agency, we use an innovative project management tool that keeps you informed about the progress of your project in real time. If you have any questions or change requests, you are always able to communicate with the project manager.

Easy cooperation

Booking our translations is easy, it takes just two steps: first send us your translation document. We’ll download it and take care of the translation. That’s it!

Fast results

In our work, we use digital technologies that, bit by bit, are changing the world of translation. For example, artificial intelligence that not only learns your tone of voice, but also recurring terminology. And always based on our translations by native speakers. This way, we can offer you the best quality. Just like a consistent language.

Sound like just what you’re

looking for?

We’ll be happy to advise you by phone or answer your questions by mail. Or you can upload your document for translation directly and we’ll send you a fixed quotation. Either way – we look forward to hearing from you!

Our translation services

By now, you know that we specialise in online businesses that want to promote their brand and service across borders.

Our translation services include:

Web content
Webshop (e-commerce)
Blog or blog entry

Promotional content
Press releases
Product descriptions
Keywords (SEO)

Technical content
User guide
Technical documentation
User interface

Legal content
Terms and conditions of business
Data privacy statements
Imprints (legal notices)

Information content
Job descriptions
Motivational texts

Editorial content


Wir waren auf der Suche nach einer kompetente Übersetzungsagentur um unsere Webseite ins Französische zu übersetzen. Tasama hat eine tolle Arbeit geleistet. Sie waren professionell und haben uns gute Tipps gegeben! Sie können sich ruhig an Tasama wenden falls Sie, wie wir, Hilfe brauchen um Ihre Webseite ins Frz. zu übersetzen.

Lena Kurer

Head of communication, Bertho GmbH

We asked Tasama for help in translating our website from English into French. They did a very good job, professional and fast. We now work regularly together and I can only recommend Tasama to you.

Annabella Picard

Head of marketing, Picoti GmbH

Tasama ist eine sehr professionelle Übersetzungsagentur. Ich habe ausschließlich positive Erfahrung mit der gemacht! Sie hat mehrere Projekte zu meiner vollsten Zufriedenheit übersetzt und das sogar schneller als zum ausgemachten Abgabetermin. Darüber hinaus ist das Team sympathisch – ich kann Tasama nur wärmstens Weiterempfehlen!

Jens Helbig

Founder & CEO, KLHE Verlag

Our prices

We also focus on transparency when it comes to pricing so that you know exactly what costs will be incurred when translating. We’ve created three different price packages for you that vary according to the package. If you’re not sure which one best suits your requirements, we’ll be happy to advise you!


Simple translations*

from €0.05 per word

Perfect for short and simple documents with everyday language:

– internal documents, email
– product descriptions, keywords, job descriptions

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Premium translations*

Proof reading

Urgent translations (+ €0.02 per word)

from €0.09 per word

Ideal for general and technical documents and complex vocabulary:

– website, ecommerce, app
– terms and conditions of business
– data privacy statements, imprints (legal notices)
– press releases, blog entries

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Premium translations*

Proof reading

Urgent translations

Supervision by a dedicated consultant

from 70,000 words / year

Suitable for specific requirements, complex projects, high document volume.

Support from A to Z with the implementation of your project.

We offer you the right translation solution for your specific needs.

Get in touch

*by mother-tongue professional translators

May we match your words with the right language?

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions about us or our translation services, we’ll be only too happy to help. And if you give us an order, we’ll start on your translation straight away. It’s a promise.

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