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English-German + English-French technical translations

In a world which has become increasingly globalised, countries and cultures are becoming more and more interconnected. Products and services are traded and sold internationally across different markets.

But what's the point of an exceptional product, if you don't have the instructions to know how to use it properly? How will potential clients know if your service meets their needs unless they have the necessary technical information?

Whether you speak French, English or German, the best way to understand technical issues is through a text written in your native language.

Producing technical translations requires more than just excellent language skills. Technical expertise and the ability to research the relevant terminology in the target language and subject area are also essential in order to deliver high-quality technical translations.

Technical translation: an overview of accepted documents

The types of documents that can be translated by the Tasama® translation agency are as follows:

In addition to these documents, there are numerous other cases where technical translation is required. You cannot find your type of document to be translated in this list? Please contact us directly and let our specialist translators advise you.

Information leaflets

Technical documentation


Safety data sheets

Test reports

Are you interested in the services of our translation agency?

Contact our translation agency and let us advise you. Our aim is not only to deliver high-quality specialist translations, but also to provide you with the best possible service.

Business sectors and technical translations

Many sectors and fields require technical translations – from manufacturing to service industries. These fields span electrical engineering, control technology and process analysis. The XXX translation agency also provides high-quality technical translations for documents from the automotive, construction and mechanical engineering sectors. Each industry has its own unique requirements. Each translation request therefore requires a tailored approach in order to meet the demands of their respective documents. Has your business sector or field not been mentioned? Do you want to receive your technical translation on a specific date or as soon as possible? Let our native-speaker specialist translators advise you and enjoy the benefits of tailored advice for your translation project.

How the Tasama® translation agency works

The Tasama® translation agency combines a variety of services for specialised translations across various industries. We specialise in German-English, German-French and English-French language combinations. Technical translations cannot simply be carried out with a dictionary or machine translation tool. They require an in-depth analysis of the terminology, and firm knowledge of the respective fields.

Translations with the latest technology

The most important thing for us is that you feel you are in good hands - from the first contact to the finished translation. That's why our translation agency combines the know-how of our native-speaking specialist translators and the possibilities offered by the latest technologies. And that is what you get from our translation process:

Highest quality

In our work we rely on digital technologies that are changing the world of translation piece by piece. This means, for example, that we work with artificial intelligence that learns your personal writing style. This way we can always offer you the best quality.

Transparent project processes

In our translation agency, we use an innovative project management tool that keeps you informed about the progress of your project in real time at all times. If you have any questions or requests for changes, you always have the opportunity to communicate with the project manager.

Easy collaboration

Booking our translations is very easy, because it consists of only two steps: First you send us your document to be translated, then we download it and take care of the translation. That's it!

Fast results

Translations take long? That was a long time ago. With today's technology, we translate almost at the speed of light - depending on the complexity of your content, we can translate up to 1,000 words per hour.

Questions about Tasama®'s technical translation services?

Haven't found the answers to your questions about technical translations? You can quickly and easily get in touch with us by phone or email to receive personalised advice from our specialised native speakers. Of course, we don't just offer technical translations in German, English and French. Our translation services also include legal translations.