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Make translation more digital



Make translation more digital

Our values

We’re bringing a new wind to the translation sector thanks to new technologies.

Tasamah (Tolerance)

Tasama® comes from the Arabic tasamah which means tolerance. To translate us is not only to reproduce a text in another language, it is also to be tolerant towards other ways of thinking, to be open-minded.


Empathy is an essential quality in translation. Be able to read between the lines, put yourself in the author’s shoes to do better than translating word-for-word and restoring the author’s thoughts in another language.


Tasama is creative at heart. To stand out from the crowd does not prevent us from remaining the standards, it is all a question of proportions.


Know-how is acquired and, above all, developed. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and expertise in translation and transcreation. It is an endless process.

Our expertise

Tasama®, the specialist in translation and transcreation for online businesses.


We strive for excellence through our specialization in the online businesses market segment. We offer our clients a high quality service because no one else knows their problems better than us.

Make translation more digital

It’s time to move on

Clément Bourcheix, CEO

The translation sector will evolve considerably in the coming years, the key word is: artificial intelligence. We provide our clients with the latest technological advances in translation, but not only. Thanks to digital technology, we are also revolutionizing the way we work and manage complex projects. Welcome to the era of digital translation and transcreation with Tasama®.